Common Anxiety Symptoms

anxiety symptomsAccording to some research, generalized anxiety disorder can be caused by multiple factors. The cause can be genetic, environmental and even physiological. A person with acute anxiety disorder tends to worry about many things. In truth, the person only blows up these worries into huge proportions. Anyone can be a victim of generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. In fact, a majority of people shows some symptoms that they already have early signs of GAD.

Given this fact, it is therefore important to detect the early symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Most of the time, these symptoms may seem normal on the surface. However, if persons showing some of these symptoms are not given immediate treatment, the degree of GAD may escalate.

Below are some of the most common symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder:

  1. Extreme and unnecessary worry and tension
  2. Unrealistic or impractical view of common problems. Sometimes, these problems are blown out of proportion.
  3. Uncommon display edginess
  4. Frequent irritability over minor things and issues
  5. Unnatural muscle discomfort and tension
  6. Frequent headaches that may sometimes escalate into a migraine attack
  7. Excessive sweating regardless of the environment
  8. Failure to focus and concentrate on a task
  9. Frequent feeling of nausea
  10. Frequent visits to the bathroom
  11. Difficulty to fall or stay asleep
  12. Extreme feeling of tiredness
  13. Sudden trembling without any apparent reason to do so

If someone close to you shows one or more of these symptoms, it is highly advised to encourage him or her to see a specialist. A generalized anxiety disorder may seem like just a minor health problem for some, but if the person with GAD is not given proper medical care, his or her ailment will escalate into various complications such as panic disorder, depression and other serious mental disorders.

There are various medications that are available to treat GAD. These drugs will be very helpful to treat patients whose anxiety is doing damage to their regular daily routine. The common medication that is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder is from a classification of medications that is called benzodiazepines. These drugs are also known as tranquilizers due to the calm and relaxation that they bring to patients. These drugs work by reducing the gravity of common generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. The most common drugs under this classification are Xanax, Valium, generic